Girl House (2014) Review


I’ve had this on the Sky box for ages to watch, after seeing someone on Twitter was watching it I decided to give it a go just so I could chat about it. So what better way to spend a Sunday morning than watching some scantily clad women getting stalked and murdered?

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As Above, So Below (2014) Review


As usual I mistimed how long it was until my tea was ready and as such had to rush a decision on what to watch, a quick flick through the Sky Movies and I picked As Above, So Below. I like found footage films but as I’ve discussed on Twitter the genre can be a big let down at times.

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Hatchet Trilogy Review


I’ve seen the Hatchet films before but when I started up this blog it was as good of an excuse as any to rewatch them and refresh my mind. So over the past two nights I sat down and watched the first one then watched two and three back to back in all their gory wonder. Rather than do three reviews I thought I might as well stick all of them in one post so here goes…..


Hunting in a creepy swamp at night doesn’t turn out well for Robert Englund

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The Fall of the House of Usher(1960)Review


One day me and the missus decided we’d like to explore some of the older horror movies and Vincent Price was a name that immediately sprung to mind. A few weeks earlier I had stumbled on an article about The Fall of the House of Usher, this movie really appealed to me so I decided to buy it, luckily it was available for a penny (plus postage) off Amazon so splashed out and got it.

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Graphic Novel Review – Judge Dredd Swimming In Blood


Whilst this is part of the Judge Dredd collection it is all about a character called Devlin Waugh. I’m no expert on the Judge Dredd universe but this is the best character I’ve read about outside old stone face Dredd himself. If you’re not familiar you’re probably thinking who the hell is Devlin Waugh? He’s a camp exorcist priest employed by the Vatican to take out all kinds of supernatural creatures.

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Graphic Novel Review – Judge Dredd Satan’s Island


I know it’s not horror but I love some comics so thought I’d slip the odd graphic novel review onto the website, mostly it’ll be Judge Dredd. After watching the amazing Dredd film it peaked my interest in the comics and as it happens a subscription advert appeared on TV and I signed up. This means I receive two Dredd graphic novels every month.

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REC 2(2009) Review


I’ve already reviewed the very enjoyable first film and being as I bought the trilogy it more than made sense to watch the sequel as soon as I could. Especially when you consider that the ending of the first one made this a must watch. So after a long and tedious train journey home what better way to relax on a Sunday afternoon than watch blood soaked zombies trying to eat peoples faces?

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