Frankensteins Army Review


I’ve seen this film loads of times on Netflix and for some reason every time I’d breeze past it and watch something else instead. Eventually I decided to give it a watch due to how cool looking the monsters looked on the background of Netflix. I must admit I am partial to found footage films for some reason I really enjoy quite a few of them.

Imagine a world where the Nazi’s actually did do all the things they do in films in real life. We’d all be pretty screwed as a zombie, robot army took over the world led by Hellboy, fortunately for us it’s all just come from someones imagination!

The basic premise of the film is a bunch of Russian soldiers in World War Two are sent to help out another group but when they get to the location they find nothing but death. Upon investigating the obviously creepy church building it’s clear that it’s not a normal day for these guys as they run into the first monster of the film. From there things just get worse as the group explore the buildings more in search of the Doctor who’s created these creatures.

The Positives

The biggest positive about this film is how cool the creatures look the only one I didn’t like was the first one we encounter which is disappointing as that could have really set the tone for the film. After an encounter with the second creature things really picked up as the group ran into several really well made and odd looking zombots (that’s what people seem to be referring to them as)


Viktor(pictured) “My father said, men will be more efficient if they have hammers and screwdrivers instead of fingers.”

The second positive was the performance of Karel Roden as the mad doctor Viktor, who took his fathers words far too seriously. He really encapsulates everything that a “mad scientist” should be, his acting really stood out far ahead of the rest of the cast.

Another positive is if you’re a fan of the Wolfenstein The New Order or Bioshock computer games. I’ve not played either but according to several blog posts, reviews and comments several people have said this film is like the bastard child of those two games. From watching it I will agree that it would probably make a better computer game than it did film.

The Negatives

The acting of everyone bar Karel Roden is not that great as some of the English and I think Welsh actors try to do Russian accents, they are some of the poorest accents I’ve ever heard. I suppose the character that is filming the event isn’t that bad but I wasn’t keen on any of the others.

The monsters seem to be dealt with far too quickly for my liking and we needed to see  more brutal deaths to put over how dangerous these creatures are and create a creepier atmosphere to the film.

The opening of the film is awful, I’d forgive people for instantly turning it off rather than sit through the the ten minutes of badly done “war” scenes. The film is called Frankenstein’s Army so viewers know based on the title that it’s going to be based on a bunch of monsters made by a crazy Nazi doctor. I can understand why they wanted to build up to the doctor but I’d have preferred the film to open with a scene involving the doctor and one of his creations doing something nasty.

I felt this film didn’t live up to the idea it had and it could have been so much better.


Overall Score



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