Charlie’s Farm(2014)Review


Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and Nathan freaking Jones how could this not be something special? I first read about this in Scream magazine where they interviewed the makers of the film ever since then I’ve been wanting to watch it. Now I finally have and I’m extremely glad that it more than lived up to the lofty expectations I had of it.

The story is as basic as a horror story of this type can get but more importantly it’s all that’s needed. Two idiots hear about a place called Charlie’s Farm where back packers have gone missing. Rumour has it an evil couple lived there and killed a shed load of people until they were caught and killed by a lynch mob, their son however is said to have got away and now lives in the wild.


It’s really no wonder little Charlie ended up turning into a murderous psycho after watching his father torture people for fun. We’re constantly shown flash backs to the time when Charlie was young, these are well placed in between the two idiots and two women trying to locate Charlie’s Farm. Once they arrive at the creepy house they buckle down for the night and it passes with only one strange occurrence, the disappearing of a teddy bear. In the morning they meet two other people (aka fodder) who have arrived for pretty much the same thing. After a quick chat the group split up and this is where things turn to crap for everyone in a brutal fashion.

The Good


Where to start? I suppose the best one is Nathan Jones as Charlie, he has great expressions throughout the film, he’s also freaking enormous and intimidating. It’s a big thing to claim but he’s the best monster of this type since Jason, could he be the successor to the crown? I think so.

It’s hard to come up with good original kills in a horror film nowadays but there’s a few in this film that I really liked. One involving a blokes penis and the following slaughter is easily one of the best and funniest (in a sick way) double kills I’ve ever seen.


The origin of Charlie although pretty basic and generic is a strong point of the film, I don’t want some big long history lesson on why my killer is doing what he does in this sort of film. He is what he is, a big mindless virtually unstoppable killer and that’s what I love about it!

The ending was fantastic, usually these type of horror films tend to end one of two ways, either the hero/heroine kills the big bad or they appear to kill him which sets up a sequel. It was nice to see something a bit different from the norm.

The Bad

There wasn’t really many bad points to this film. I guess you could argue that a few things didn’t make sense and were slightly lazily written. Kane Hodders character gets there to help in suspiciously quick time given how far away from anything we’re told that Charlie’s Farm is. It’s also painstakingly obvious that the two people who the main four characters meet at Charlie’s Farm are only there to be killed, I personally have no problem with that but could understand more fussy people not liking it.

It’s a minor thing but sometimes I get the feeling the director was trying to be too clever with the filming by showing random objects on screen. Two flies buzzing about zooming in on objects in the house in an attempt to make things seem creepier.

The Ugly

There isn’t any at all for this film, it has a few minor flaws but nothing that spoiled my enjoyment of the film.

People might disagree with this but I have to rate films based on what I think of them. As the first picture says “This is exactly what the slasher genre needed” it was exactly what I love from my horror films. A giant killing machine funnily enough killing people in a brutal and gory fashion. In my opinion Charlie is the successor to Jason if we get a couple more films from him. A brilliantly enjoyable film.

Overall Rating


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