REC 2(2009) Review


I’ve already reviewed the very enjoyable first film and being as I bought the trilogy it more than made sense to watch the sequel as soon as I could. Especially when you consider that the ending of the first one made this a must watch. So after a long and tedious train journey home what better way to relax on a Sunday afternoon than watch blood soaked zombies trying to eat peoples faces?

After the first film was copied by Quarantine the sequels are quite different to each other. This is exactly how a sequel should be done, there was no two year break in the story or a new setting. In fact this sequel is set within an hour of the first film ending. It starts with a quick recap of the last few seconds of REC and then we join a SWAT team heading the site of the first film.

Now football fans might be annoyed to see the bantering SWAT guys talking football where I’m sure one claims that Zidane, Raul and Guti played for Barcelona. If you’re not into football you won’t realise what a monumental mess up that is. Anyway the SWAT guys are joined by a character who claims to be from the government health department, it’s soon revealed he is in fact something much much different.


Yay, annoying teens the staple of any good horror movie!

Once inside the building the lore of the REC world is expanded brilliantly the unanswered  questions I referred to from the first film are all answered and a more. We learn that the zombies aren’t just zombies but I’ll let you watch it to see how they differ. The SWAT team are joined by some snooping teenagers who we get a glimpse of as the SWAT guys explore the building. We were then shown things from the teens point of view as they luckily had their own camera, so we were taken back and shown how they got into the building. From then on it was a case of who’s going to die and who will get out, some more tense moments and quite gruesome kills made the film very enjoyable.


Fair to say the SWAT guys don’t get on that well with the “Health Department” bloke.

The Good

The main thing about this film I enjoyed was the story development from the first film. It was more like watching the second part of a TV show, everything flowed together really well and was expanded on greatly. As I said earlier this is how sequels should be done we learnt loads more and things really got turned on their heads with what the zombies really are. The ending was brilliant and leaves it open to a third film which there obviously is, I just hope it’s as closely related to this one as this was to the first.

rec 2 - possessed

Is it just me or does he look a bit like Red Mist from Kick Ass?

As I expected the make up and effects are as great as the first film if anything they’re slightly better. This really helps with some of the kills that we see, although they are bog standard zombie kills with a couple repeated from the first film they are still done well.

The Bad

For some reason I found the film had a real dip just after the hour mark but picked up brilliantly for the climax of the film. If it had not have had that dip, I’d be rating it as being better than the first film but it was about on par with it.

The film had great story expansion with a few twists, especially the ending and the atmosphere was once again spot on, well worth a watch!

Overall Score



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