The Fall of the House of Usher(1960)Review


One day me and the missus decided we’d like to explore some of the older horror movies and Vincent Price was a name that immediately sprung to mind. A few weeks earlier I had stumbled on an article about The Fall of the House of Usher, this movie really appealed to me so I decided to buy it, luckily it was available for a penny (plus postage) off Amazon so splashed out and got it.


Vincent Price is fantastic as Roderick Usher

The story centers around Phillip Winthrop who wants to marry Madeline Usher however her eccentric and clearly mad brother Roderick Usher does not want this to happen. He thinks there’s a curse on the family and is so keen to end the line of Usher he simply cannot let his sister marry and carry the family curse to another generation. This leads to her being “dead” and placed in a tomb. However Winthrop doesn’t believe she’s dead and the film centers it’s story around this. We only ever see four characters in the film the man who wants to marry the sister, the sister, her brother and the strange butler. It’s all that’s needed to make a good story that keeps you interested right to the end.


Some fantastic sets on display even the house look pretty creepy!

The Good

Vincent Price, the man’s brilliant sure he’s over the top and more like a stage actor than a film actor in his role as Roderick Usher but it suits the character down to the ground. The story is basic but good, I’m not sure if it’s a direct copy of the Edgar Allen Poe book or not. The sets are sublime and really believable, I love stories set in one place and although the story takes us to various rooms in the house it’s still all in the house.


Vincent Price was brilliant but I wasn’t keen on the other actors performaces

The Bad

Not sure there is any, I suppose I wasn’t too keen on the lovely couples acting especially Winthrop I found him a bit wooden but that didn’t take too much from the film.

This film was an enjoyable experience and it’s made me keen to see more Vincent Price films in the future and review them on here!

Overall Score









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