Door to Door (2016) Review


I was recently asked if I would like to receive a copy of the micro budget film Door to Door and give a honest review of the film. As a film reviewer it’s great to be asked to do this sort of thing even if it’s a small film made for under a thousand dollars. I jumped at the chance, sat down and watched it and here’s my review.

The film see’s the main protagonist The Doorman visit seven people. All seven people are guilty of one of the seven deadly sins. The Doorman offers each of them a pill that can help their sins be forgotten or used to their advantage, upon taking the pill each person meets with the demon of the sin they are guilty of, this takes place in a nightmare sequence. When they come out of the nightmare and return to the real world something terrible has come as a consequence of their sin and nightmare.

The film is broken down into seven different short stories with the Doorman being the only constant as he wonders from on sinner to another.

The Good

The whole premise of the film is genius and I’m surprised it’s not been done before with a bigger budget. I love the concept of the seven sins and the outcomes of what happens when each character returns from their nightmares are not that predictable. The Doorman is a really good character, the way he talks and the way he’s dressed really reminded me of Cancerman from the X-Files! Also the ending really reminded me of the fate of the main character from The Midnight Meat Train.

The Bad

Okay so here’s the bad parts, I’ll be honest and say everything about this film that was bad comes from the low budget. The actors barring the Doorman are not real actors and you can really tell as you watch. I think some people who aren’t used to watching indie horror films may struggle with the camera work and effects.

I’ll be rating this based on the concept of the film and when you take into account how little it cost to make it really is a great achievement by all those involved. The thing I like is the creativity of the film. There are films with a budget thousands of times bigger than this that completely lack any kind of original thought. If this same concept was taken and given a million dollar budget I’d be rating it in the late 70’s/low 80’s, however it didn’t.

Overall Rating



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