Graphic Novel Judge Dredd Necropolis Review


I randomly selected Necropolis as the next Dredd book from the mega collection that I would read and I’m so glad I picked this one, although I feel I should maybe have read one called The Dead Man first. However there was nothing I couldn’t pick up after the first few pages of this.

The story of By Lethal Injection starts with us being shown a Judge preparing for a hearing it turns out it’s Judge Kraken who we’re told Dredd failed as a Judge just before he departed on the long walk into the wastelands. It’s somewhat brutally decided that Kraken will be executed as Dredd failed him and being genetically modified from the same bloodline as Dredd his existence was no longer needed. This doesn’t exactly turn out right and Kraken is given Dredd’s badge and told to patrol Mega City One as Dredd who is too powerful of a symbol for the City to lose.


From the start it was obvious we’d see Dredd Vs Dredd (Kraken)

We’re then taken to the next story called Dear Annie, this is brilliantly done from the point of view of someone writing a letter to a problem page. The guys problem is quite a big one, it starts when she is touched by Judge Death and after going into a coma and returning home her husband notices some changes in here. She has become obsessed with Judge Death and doesn’t allow her husband to even touch her, after trying to contact Judge Death she contacts his sisters Nausea and Phobia. The sisters end in her head and eventually she brings them to Mega City One and thus we start Necropolis.


The sisters of Death looked brilliant and the art work really summed up what their characters were like eerily creepy!

Necropolis is an epic 25 part story that kept me gripped from start to finish there’s a few twists and turns in the story and it flow nicely. We’re treated to the sister bringing forth the formerly banished Dark Judges who turn Mega City One into Necropolis where everyone will be judged. Obviously Dredd hears about this and makes his way back into Mega City One, with the help of an old familiar character and of course Judge Anderson they begin their quest to take down the sisters of Judge Death. We are then show a brief battle with each of the Dark Judges as they look to take the city back.


I’d have personally liked to have seen a longer battle to subdue the Dark Judges

I know this might sound familiar from my other Dredd reviews but the art work is great, it truly fits the atmosphere of the story perfectly. The Dark Judges and Dredd himself are wonderfully rendered in the book, I’d no rate this art work even higher than the Devlin Waugh stories I’ve read but nothing can touch the art work of America in my opinion, at least not so far!

Overall another great story, I think I’ve got a bit of bias towards anything supernatural so this was a delight to read. Once I started I couldn’t put it down and wanted to finish it all in one sitting, obviously that’s a good sign!

Overall Rating



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