REC 3 – Genesis (2012) Review


So after watching and finishing the Hatchet trilogy I decided to finish off the Rec trilogy ( yes I know there’s a fourth film but I’ve only got three in my boxset) I was trying to watch the football but quickly lost interest and decided to put this on instead. The cover really intrigues me so why not!

I read that the film moved away from the found footage angle and I was disappointed to hear this. The film does start with found footage at the wedding of Koldo and Clara we see the usual stuff as the guests go into the wedding venue. We meet the camera man Atun luckily for him one of the guests is also filming and this is the view point we see. Having watched the first two films it’s an immediate warning sign when the grooms uncle comes along having been bit by a dog at the vets.


Maybe Uncle Pepe should have got that bite looked at

It doesn’t take too long for things to turn to crap for all the guests at the wedding. We soon move away from the found footage view when poor Atun gets his expensive camera smashed. Now as I said I wasn’t keen on this when I read it but it really worked out well, maybe the creators felt they’d done all they could with that genre. Moving away from found footage allowed the film to switch from the bride and the groom as they battled to find each other. The film succeeded in giving us what I considered two likable main characters as well as a couple of likable side characters including John Sponge who’s story involves a fear of being sued if he used the name Spongebob.


John Sponge has no need to worry about copyright infringement now

The rest of the movie sees Clara and Koldo trying to find each other, it’s great when Clara has the chance to escape with Koldo’s mate who didn’t even realise there was zombies everywhere as he was too busy having relations with some French girl. She gives up this chance and turns into a kick ass woman with a big chainsaw. The ending which I won’t spoil was top class as well!

The Good

This film succeeded in what the others didn’t having some good characters outside of the main character. John Sponge, the bloke who was too busy banging to realise what was happening, Atun the camera man, uncle Pepe, the deaf grandad and mostly the newly married couple were all good characters which the first two sorely missed. As usual the effects and the make up were top class but to be fair I expected nothing less. The move away from found footage really paid off taking the film in a new direction that allowed the story of two people to be told rather than one. The ending was also really good and it makes me look forward to hopefully seeing more of the outside world in the next film.


From beautiful bride to kick ass bitch!

The Bad

It’s really hard to think of any bad parts of this film a minor criticism I’d have would be that there could have been more gore. These films always have plenty but I’d like to have seen them go all out given the setting and the sheer amount of victims.

It might be a controversial opinion but I loved this movie, I even think it’s slightly better than the first two, something which I never thought I’d think!

Overall Score



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