Pins and Needles Interview


I joined Twitter when I started this blog and all I expected was a few conversations about my reviews but there’s so much more out there. I stumbled on a Twitter called Pins and Needles, she ran a website and an etsy shop selling teddy bears with a twist.


These are the three the missus really liked!

With Mrs AcidBurn’s Birthday approaching as soon as she saw the three above she wanted them so that’s her present all sorted now! I got into a conversation with the person that makes these dolls and we decided it’d be good to post an interview with her on my site. So here it is!

Tell us a bit about yourself, the person behind Pins and Needles!

Hi there, I’m Vicki and I am the creator behind the creatures. I’m originally from a little village in Northamptonshire but I live in Leicestershire. I love everything creepy or gothy, dream of owning a Yorkshire Terrier called Monster and have an obsession with reduced food shopping!

When did you start up your business?

It’s been in the pipeline for about a year but officially I started on 31st October 2015, yeah I know Halloween, total cliché, but it’s all good.

How did you come up with the idea of the cute nightmare creatures?

They started off as drawings that I’d been doodling and playing with for a while and then I decided bring them to life in fabric and the rest is pretty much history now. I don’t have any children so in a weird way they are my babies…


There’s all sort so creatures available on the website all handmade!

Do you take inspiration from anywhere or anything when designing your products?

Urm, don’t know really, they just kind of come to me randomly… I think that each character represents a little part of my own personality, which is slightly worrying I s’pose…

How long from start to finish does it take to complete a full doll?

They take me roughly 2-4 hours to make each one from scratch, depending on which one I’m creating. I tend to make them in batches which is a little unnerving as they all start to grow and take over my studio…

Are you a fan of creepy doll movies?

Hell yeah, you can’t beat a good creepy doll story! Good ‘Ol Chucky…

Apart from Etsy where else can people see your products?

We’re still updating the website and eventually you can buy direct from there. We’re taking part in the Em-Con in Nottingham this year in April/May, Yorkshire Geek Fest – June, Birmingham Alternative and Burlesque Fair in September, and lots of other conventions and fairs throughout the country. Check out our events section on the website for more info Pins and Needles Official Website


There’s also keyrings and a selection of bags available if Mrs AcidBurn got her way we’d be spending a fortune

Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to start up this type of business?

To be honest it’s all about perseverance and long hours. Biggest bit of advice is don’t be scared and keep at it, go into it fearlessly and promote, promote, promote, any opportunity you get. Also check out Princes Trust, I’ve been working with them since the beginning of this year and they are awesome and really believe in you.

Do you have any products in the pipeline that you haven’t released yet?

Hell yeah, currently working on a new range of tablet sleeves, tote bags and a few others which I can’t really talk about at the moment but watch this space as all will be revealed soon…

Can we expect any new dolls to go with Nyx, Mord, Fiend, Stitch, Krank, Gog, Clot and Beast? Maybe Acid or Burn!

Haha, might have to nick those names from you! Yes, I’m always doodling different characters so there are more to come. Rot, Eyesore and a few others are in the design process at the moment, they’ll be soon available…


Why wouldn’t you want a Teddy Bear that’s carrying an eyeball?

Is this a part time thing or your full time job?

This is my full time job, I left a manager’s job which was great to a certain extent but always felt that I could make more out of myself by going it alone. I ploughed all my savings into my work and set up my studio and well here I am, fighting on… I’m not good at getting content with things, once that happens I have to make a change, I think the best thing is to keep pushing yourself to be a better person and always being hungry for success.

Finally unrelated to the dolls but given my blog I have to ask what are your favourite horror films of all time?

I love Hellraiser or anything by Tim Burton. Hard to choose really, I’m of the generation of the Saw Films and Jeepers Creepers.. Too much to choose from… arr brain malfunction.. oooh and the original Japanese  Ring Films…

We hope you enjoyed reading a bit about the Pins and Needles business as well as the person behind it. If you’ve got kids who aren’t into Barbies and normal kids stuff  or a boyfriend or girlfriend that’s into the stranger side of life then you should take a look round the Pins and Needles Etsy shop which you can find or check out the main store HERE!

You can also find them on Twitter @p_and_n_uk and on Facebook

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