Through the Devil’s Eyes (2014) Indy Film Review


After my review of Door To Door I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing another extremely small budget Giallo indy film called Through The Devil’s Eyes. I must admit when I heard the film cost only $1,500 to make my immediate thought was that it might not be that great but I was completely wrong. Maybe it was the mystery angle of the trying to guess who the killer was that kept me interested. I’m not sure if the people who made this film would take it as a good or a bad thing but when watching it I never really felt I was watching an indy film, it was more like I was watching a TV drama from the 80’s.

The main character David has just been released from a mental institution and has found his way to a halfway house to reintegrate himself into society. He also doesn’t even remember why he was in a mental institute, he gets vivid memories of what happened but can’t put the full picture together. As the film moves on he remembers more and more and what happens links very cleverly into the ending of the film.

Upon arriving at the halfway house David is attacked by the house bully so when the bully ends up dead there’s only two suspects David being one. The other one being the girl who was mocked by the bully and tried to attack him at the dinner table. David thinks things can’t get any worse but they do as a few more deaths happen in and outside the halfway house. The rest of the film is a guessing game as to who’s done it and I must admit I did predict it but then again the killer was one of my four or five choices so it wasn’t a prediction in the classic sense of the word.

The Good

The storyline as a whole was good in the way it kept you guessing as to who the killer was, it kept me gripped and the finale was great. The acting really surprised me sure there were a few below average performances in the film but the main character was good as well as most of the other oddballs at the halfway house were well acted.

The Bad

All things you’d associate with an indy film a couple of poor pieces of acting. The few fight scenes in the film weren’t that good however that’s to be expected. There were a few parts I’d have personally edited out but I’ll let you watch it to see what those were.

I was a bit worried about watching this film but in the end it was a very decent watch especially considering the budget and the restrictions that must bring. So a good film that pays a nice tribute to Giallo and a few other things along the way.

Overall Score



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