The Babadook (2014) Review


I’d seen this on Netflix for ages but it never really tempted me but after reading a few reviews that all seemed to rate it extremely highly I sat down with my tea and gave it a watch. I must say in general I was disappointed the film had a real creepy villain but it certainly had it’s flaws.

The film is about Amelia brilliantly played by Essie Davis and her son Samuel. Tragically the father died whilst on his way to the hospital for the birth of his son. So the basic jist of the movie is that Samuel suffers from some severe mental issues stemming from the fact that he believes that monsters are real and won’t sleep alone. So to cure his fear his loving Mother makes sure the house is decorated in very pale colours and looks pretty much as you’d expect an old haunted house to look. To put his mind at ease she reads him an absolutely terrifying book before he goes to bed about a monster called The Babadook.

The Babadook

Samuel is so scared he has to check under the bed and in the closet every night before he goes to sleep

Obviously this makes the kid pretty much shit himself, he goes closed off from the world and turns into a real weird kid afraid of everything. Luckily Amelia has an unsupportive sister who is zero help to her at all and the only person who shows any interest in being kind to her is in the film for about 5 minutes. After Samuel seems to kind of get a bit better we see Amelia descend into madness at the hands of the Babadook, this is superbly acted out by Essie Davis.

The Good

The build up to The Babadook coming into the real world is really well done, the book is creepy as hell and the glimpses we get of The Babadook are brilliant. The Babadook himself is a really well done villain  and looks superb and frightening when we see bit and pieces of him. The acting is top notch even the actor who plays the young kid is superb.


The Babadook lurks in the shadows!

The Bad

I wasn’t keen on the entire second half of the film, it was well acted but just didn’t keep me gripped at all. Amelia works with a guy who seems like a good guy and all through the film we see her looking at couples and feeling sad, I know it was done to show she missed her dead husband but I’d have liked to have seen more of this Robbie character. I know the reason why it was done but for some reason I disliked the fact that someone who has a kid who suffers from a belief that monsters are real, lives in a house that so dreary and doesn’t check out beforehand the fact she’s about to read him the most terrifying children’s book you could possibly imagine.


Essie Davis is great in this film

The Brilliant

I must give major credit to the monster, The Babadook was quite scary and although we didn’t see him that often the way the film eluded to him was brilliantly done. The book that was read from was the best thing in the film!

Maybe it’s because I’m not a massive fan of ghost films or maybe it’s all the hype but I was hugely disappointed by this film. If done correctly a ghost/spirit/monstery thing film can be the most creeepy type of horror film but they are so often a disappointment. So most of the rating is based on the acting and the actual monster but there was something missing from this film and it didn’t keep me entertained all the way through!

Overall Rating



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