Deathgasm (2015) Review


I hadn’t seen any comedy horror for quite a while and after being recommended this film over the last few months I thought I’d give it a watch. Given that New Zealand and Australia are so good at horror films, especially ones with comedic elements surely this would be a good watch?

The story starts with Brodie: a metal head having to go live with his aunt, uncle and idiot cousin after his mum is sent away (it’s better if you see why yourself). Being into metal music and dressing like a proper metal fan Brodie finds life hard. His cousin is a complete jackass who is sort of dating Medina who takes an interest in Brodie, this doesn’t go down well at all and Brodie ends up getting a bit of a kicking for it.


When Brodie met Zakk a metal bromance was formed

He makes friends with two nerds at school as well as another metal head Zakk who’s a delinquent that doesn’t fit in with any one, these lot form a metal band called DEATHGASM. After a visit to a famous metal singer who is in hiding Zakk and Brodie end up being given a record and inside the record are some music pages, it appears that the in hiding singer was hiding these musical pages from a group of people. Brodie translates them and it appears that whoever plays the music will be given power and fortune. When he’s down on his luck Brodie plays it but it accidentally summons an evil to the town. It’s then that the movie turns fantastically gory with some brilliant deaths, the rest of the film see Zakk, Brodie, Medina and the two nerds trying to correct their bands mistake as they gorily battle through the towns inhabitants who’ve been turned into demons.


Sex toy deaths!!

The Good

Metal music, humour, gore and creative deaths what more is there to like? There’s a particularly great kill involving sex toys but it’s better for you to see that yourself. All the characters are well acted and well done the ones you’re supposed to dislike you dislike and the ones you’re supposed to like, well you end up liking them! Even before the zombie demons and the gore there’s some great humour in the film.


It’s a surprise when Medina gets in on the killing in a fantastic way

The Bad

It’s nearly impossible for me to find anything I didn’t like about this film I suppose if I was being picky there is a scene when Zakk screws over Brodie which I didn’t like at the time, however this scene does serve a purpose in the film, so it’d be very petty to label it as being bad.

This film was fantastic if you love metal, humour and gore then you’ll love this, if you only like gore and humour you’ll still love it. The demons really remind me of the Deadites from Evil Dead which is great. It’s hard to come up with good deaths in any comedy horror film today but this succeeds brilliantly!

Overall Score – 9/10



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