JeruZalem (2015) Review


If it’s not clear by now I have a bit of a soft spot for found footage films even through the majority of them end up being a let down, there are however a few good ones and the odd extremely good one. I saw a review for this pop up on my Twitter feed and it sounded good so I chucked it on and it was a decent watch.

The film starts off with some footage of a bunch of guys from all sorts of religions and in front of them is some kind of demon which they end up shooting in the head. After this we are brought to the current day as a woman is messing around with her new present from her dad, the present is a pair of Google glasses and it’s from this view that we get the rest of the film. It’s about two women who decide to go on holiday to Tel-Aviv but on there way they meet a guy on the plane that one of them clearly fancies. The guy convinces them to come with him to Jerusalem first as he’s investigating something. The girls take him up on the offer.


Probably should have ignored this fella and gone to Tel-Aviv

After the usual mundane happens of sight seeing, meeting the locals, drinking and obviously getting into bed with random blokes they’ve met something goes wrong in the city. It’s not really clear at first but the whole city is being evacuated the more we see we come to the realisation that there’s some giant demon on the loose as in Cloverfield big along with a bunch of other demons. It appears the human size demons are humans that get turn when attacked by other human demons sort of like a vampire or zombie type thing. The rest of the film focuses on the girls, their new found lovers, two soldiers and an a couple of old blokes trying to escape the city. When they aren’t allowed out of the main gates they try to escape through the underground tunnels and as you can imagine or if you’ve ever seen any horror film ever that turns out to be a bad idea.


The demons looked really good in the film

The Good

The view from the glasses is a good idea for this type of film, due to the technology on her face when we meet a new character it scans their face and links to their Facebook profile in the bottom corner. We get to see some random pictures, a name and an age which is quite a nice touch. Now upon hearing about this film I thought what kind of moron wears Google glasses all day and night but there is a reason for it that’ll you’ll see if you watch. The demon look pretty good even the massive one who we only really see in the distance. The make up is top notch when people transform and when they face the demons.


Let’s head down into the tunnels it’s always safe in those types of places………

The Bad

There’s nothing really that terrible about this film but it comes to something when the creepiest part is when her dads whatsapping her talking about what a good girl she as as she’s having sex! Other than that there were a few pointless scenes we nearly ended up with a scene suitable for a porno site until the bloke puts his foot in it. There’s also a part when one of the characters ends up in a mental asylum over night, I did wonder why during their sight seeing they got told where the mental asylum was. This led to a rescue once the city was being evacuated, mainly for some cheap scares I think this could have been done another way all together.

I did quite enjoy large parts of this film, the build up to the demon running amok was done really well, just showing normal holiday life was more than enough to introduce us to the characters and build up to the action. If you’re a fan of found footage films then this is well worth a watch.

Overall Score



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