Clown (2014) Review


This film has always intrigued me ever since I heard about it but for some reason I never got round to watching it. So I changed that and decided now was time to watch an evil clown film, which out of all the generic horror bad guys the clown really has been everything from the very very best to the god awful.

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JeruZalem (2015) Review


If it’s not clear by now I have a bit of a soft spot for found footage films even through the majority of them end up being a let down, there are however a few good ones and the odd extremely good one. I saw a review for this pop up on my Twitter feed and it sounded good so I chucked it on and it was a decent watch.

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Through the Devil’s Eyes (2014) Indy Film Review


After my review of Door To Door I was asked if I’d be interested in reviewing another extremely small budget Giallo indy film called Through The Devil’s Eyes. I must admit when I heard the film cost only $1,500 to make my immediate thought was that it might not be that great but I was completely wrong. Maybe it was the mystery angle of the trying to guess who the killer was that kept me interested. I’m not sure if the people who made this film would take it as a good or a bad thing but when watching it I never really felt I was watching an indy film, it was more like I was watching a TV drama from the 80’s.

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