Goodnight Mommy (2014) Review


I went on holiday last week and there was a theatre just down the road from the hotel we were in that had a small two screen cinema in it where we booked in to see Batman Vs Superman. Whilst there we saw a poster on the wall for Goodnight Mommy an Austrian horror film so as we had nothing to do the night after, we thought we’d be cultured and take in a foreign language film at the cinema.

“It’s beautifully shot, well directed and a very entertaining film with an ending I didn’t expect.”

Trivia – 240 twins were auditioned for the main roles.

Trivia – The actors were not given the script and it was filmed chronologically.

We sat down for this film and the trailers all played in various European languages, some looked decent but some looked awful. Then the feature started with two young twin boys playing various games together in the woods, chasing each other through corn fields and generally doing what country boys do. The scene ends with them entering a darkened tunnel no doubt up to no good, this fades away and the credits play.

It’s here where their mother returns home after an operation, she tries to blend back in with her twins but with her face covered in bandages the boys are stand off-ish with her. After a few days she starts to act strangely towards one of the boys constantly favoring the other one. From here the twins begin to suspect that their mother isn’t their mother and is someone else altogether, they claim their mother wouldn’t show the sort of behaviour this impostor has.


Is this an impostor or is it their mother?

Now it’s hard to write much more without giving away key story line elements but the rest of the film shows the extremes the twins who are about 12 years old go to to find out if it’s an impostor or their mother. There’s a big twist in this film, I don’t usually see twists coming but this one I guessed really early on, so early I was questioning if we were meant to get it so soon.

The Good

Now I’d normally find films like this too arty but I enjoyed the way it was filmed, it was beautifully shot. This might sound strange but the way the sound in this film was done was great everything seem overly loud, from windows shutting, to water pouring it really created a lonely isolated kind of atmosphere. With only the twins, their mother, two visiting red cross people and a food delivery man the amount of characters in the film was low. This also helped create the impression of isolation. What little gore there was in the film was done really well, so well that one of the 7 people with us in the cinema got up and walked out!


Despite being so young the Twins were both great actors in this film

The Bad

There was some pacing issue with this film in my opinion the first hour or so was a bit too slow in places. It was done to show the relationship between the twins but for me this was the major failing of the film that stops me rating it very very highly. Other than that there’s not much else to pick out, there was one particular point in the film that I thought was odd. It had no point at all being in the film but I can’t say what it was without ruining things if others can make sense of it.

This film was a very pleasant surprise I wasn’t expecting much and only went to watch it as I had nothing else to do at all. It’s beautifully shot, well directed and a very entertaining film with an ending I didn’t expect.

Overall Score



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