Dog Soldiers (2002) Review


I’ve wanted to re-watch this film for a while but always end up choosing another one instead, but after including this in a Twitter vote against Z Nation Season One, Feast One and Two and Walking Dead Volume 1 it came out on top. So on a nice reasonably sunny Saturday afternoon I stayed inside to watch werewolves killing people.

“One death stands out as being how you’d want to go out if you were about to be eaten by a werewolf, I’d rank it was one of my favourite death scenes of all time.”

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They Live (1988) Review


After watching John Carpenter’s The Thing I thought I’d watch another one of his films but this time decided to give a watch to something I’ve not seen before, given that it stars Roddy Piper and I’m a big wrestling fan this one was the only choice I really had! Also this won the vote for the review I should post next so here it is.

“I enjoyed most of the film and as a wrestling fan it’s great to see a wrestler who is actually good in a film!”

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Scythe – A Kickstarter Slasher Preview


When I set out to do this blog I never expected it to take off as well as it has and I certainly didn’t expect to be sent stuff to review. I’ve been sent two films so far and am currently reading a book I’ve been sent, I also have the opportunity for more horror books as well! However I was most happy when I was sent a 15 minute short of the film Scythe, which has just launched on kick starter. Here’s my take on the short and if I think the feature length film will be any good.

“It’s a psychological SLASHER THRILLER in the same vein of Halloween, Saw & Hitchcock.”

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Goodnight Mommy (2014) Review


I went on holiday last week and there was a theatre just down the road from the hotel we were in that had a small two screen cinema in it where we booked in to see Batman Vs Superman. Whilst there we saw a poster on the wall for Goodnight Mommy an Austrian horror film so as we had nothing to do the night after, we thought we’d be cultured and take in a foreign language film at the cinema.

“It’s beautifully shot, well directed and a very entertaining film with an ending I didn’t expect.”

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