Scythe – Lets Make This Happen

The kick starter slasher film the genre has been crying out for is so close to happening and there’s some cool perks for those that would like to pledge.


I wrote about Scythe a few weeks back (click HERE! to see my thoughts) I loved the concept of the film and as of me writing this they have raise $44,482 of the required $50,000. There’s less than 24 hours left now to make Jim Rothman and his teams vision happen. For those that don’t know what this is all about you can visit my review and then visit the kick starter page by clicking HERE!, or better still just go straight to the kick starter page!

I would never promote something unless I believed it was worth while and this really is. How long have we wanted to see a slasher film with characters that actually think about which direction they are running in? Where people don’t trip over invisible bumps in the road in very convenient places! This is the sterotype free slasher we’ve always wanted to see.

So if you can spare a few dollars or maybe enough to get one of the cool perks then head over and pledge. I believe this film will be one of the best horror indy films possible.

Let’s make it happen horror fans!

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