Malevolents – Comic Review

I was really hoping to get asked to review a comic/graphic novel when I started my blog so was happy when I got asked to do this one. Unfortunately it took me a while getting round to reading it but now that I have here’s my review of Malevolents!


The first thing that struck me about this comic was how beautifully dark the art work is, I’ve read plenty of comics where the style of the art work doesn’t seem to fit correctly with the story they are telling. However as soon as I opened up to read the first panel the art work fit together nicely, I knew what I was going to get. So in other words a great start to the comic.

The story takes place at an abandoned house in Berkley Square, Westminster. It features a bunch of kids inside the house with a Ouijia board where one of the girls seems to be scared to take part in the Ouiji board stuff. This is where one of the males who seems to be a bit of an arsehole tries to persuade her.


As I’ve mentioned I loved the art work it was the perfect fit for the story right from the get go

From here the girl starts to tell the story of the house or at least what she’d heard happened there. I won’t reveal too much but it goes along the lines of someone being bet to stay the night in a house that supposedly housed a deformed man who was left by his brother to starve to death and die. That kind of story can be a little cliched at times but this was still a very decent start for this tale.


There’s some cool and creepy moments in the comic!

Whilst you think the story of someone spending the night in a supposedly haunted house with a tragic past would end with them dying in the house, you’d be wrong. Billy survives the night and then we see a tale of his slow mental deterioration as the effects of spending the night there take their toll on him. This is the meat of the book, the best part and where once again the art work is a perfect fit.


“We all go a little mad sometimes”

The ending I obviously won’t spoil for you but it was a clever twist with a nice creepy ending to the story. Whilst this type of ghost story has been done a lot in various media forms, Malevolents adds it’s own twist the the story, this works out well and makes for an entertaining read. I would recommend this to anyone with even a fleeting interest in horror comics and I hope there are lots more ghost stories to read from Malevolents.

You can find  on Twitter and the artist is also there @JoeBecciArtist

Overall Rating



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