Tokyo Gore Police (2008) Review

In my quest to watch more Asian horror/gore films I went for Tokyo Gore Police as I’ve wanted to see it for ages. I’d heard it was obviously extremely gory and very odd in places, so why wouldn’t I give it a go?


Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura

Writers: Kengo Kaji (screenplay), Maki Mizui (screenplay) (as Sayako Nakoshi)

Stars: Eihi Shiina, Itsuji Itao, Yukihide Benny

Trivia –Shot and completed in just 2 weeks.

Trivia –Yoshihiro Nishimura came up with the idea of the brothel when he visited a go-go bar in Thailand.

The basic premise of this film is that in a futuristic Japan the police force has been privatized and show no mercy to criminals. The criminals have an implant which turns them into Engineers, whenever they are wounded the wound turns into a weapon making them pretty damn hard to kill.


Ruka is a brilliant heroine in this movie, sexy and super tough!

The film starts with our heroine Ruka talking about how her dad was a police man, a hero and someone who protected people. However he then gets his head blown to pieces and we’re taken to the present where Ruka is on the special police force that hunts down the Engineers. This one on top of a building ends up with a chainsaw for an arm that he can throw out at people, he takes the chainsaw and shoves it into the police officers’ mouths and faces. That is until Ruka enter and has a bloody fight with him that features a stupid amount of gore.

After this we find out about Ruka’s past a bit more before she gets a call about an Engineer that has attacked people. However this one is different instead of being a berserk monster he’s taking time to kill in a skillful way. Ruka eventually encounters this guy and it turns out he’s linked to her past.


Bring out the gimp!

Ruka searches to find out who he is and what he knows along the way we are treated to several over the top epic gore scenes with gallons and gallons of blood every fecking where. Once Ruka learns the complete truth she has someone to deal with, however things are tricky when an Engineer attacks the police station leading to the police going mad and killing what seems like everyone.

The last show down is great and strange and gory as you expect after you’d seen the first 90 minutes of this film.

The Good

There’s plenty of good in this film it seems in the future that self harming has become acceptable with this generation being referred to as cutters. Throughout the film we’re shown various adverts for self mutilating weapons and suicide. They are a bit like Robocop and Starship Troopers only more campy.


I loved the blonde woman who kept popping up from time to time

There’s also a blonde woman who pops up to tell the police what to do and to inform us of what is going on, I loved it every time she appeared and I wished there was more of her in the film.

There’s a scene in a brothel which is completely bonkers strange looking mutilated prostitutes are being bid on, a snail woman and a woman with test tube eyes it’s real bizarre. Eventually the scene leads to a fight between a man with an uzi and a woman with a crocodile mouth for a vagina. It’s superbly odd!


Gore, gore and more gore

The Bad

Not much bad really some effects were a bit dodgy and some locations seemed like they didn’t fit what they were supposed to be. One thing which I’ll admit is nitpicking is the blood on the camera lens effect was used a bit too much. I’d also question the ability of some of the actors in the film with the smaller parts.

The Bloody

It’s so gory, I mean the title gives that away but there was more blood than I expected. We get arms and legs bitten and sliced off, we get blood spurting from severed hands, there’s people getting their faces carved off with broken bottles.


Cock off 😦

Along with all this is the weapons that the Engineers end up with guns for eyes, chainsaw hands, a crocodile vagina hell even an injured penis ends up turning into a massive two foot flesh gun.

I loved this film, it was mental, it was gory and it’s fight scenes were a boatload of fun to watch. I’d highly recommend this to anyone at all who likes a gorefest you’ll struggle to find a more gory film. If you know of one please comment and let me know so I can give it a look! You can find me on Twitter @ABsHorrorShow

Overall Score


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