Conjuring 2 (2016) Review


I don’t get the chance to watch many horror films at the cinema due to the showings of them round these parts drying up really quickly. With Conjuring 2 being set in the UK and looking pretty damn awesome I watched the first film the other week in preparation for a trip out to see this one and I wasn’t disappointed.

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Hellions (2015) Review


After enjoying Pontypool I thought it was worth checking out another film by the same director, so I picked Hellions which seems like a more stereotypical for it’s sub-genre than Pontypool was it’s sub-genre. Turns out it was anything but stereotypical but did it match the brilliance of Pontypool? click and see what I thought!

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Meltdown (indie horror) review

One of the surprising benefits of this blog has been that I’ve got to review some films I wouldn’t have ever watched. In amongst them is the odd chance to review an independent film, even if I give these films a low-ish rating I still admire the hell out of the people that get these films made. I was asked if I’d like to watch and review zombie film Meltdown, it’s taken me a while but here’s my thoughts…..

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