The BFG (2016) Review


I watch a lot of films and only half of them are horror films, so I figured I might as well do some less detailed reviews of the non horror films I watch. My aim is to try and keep these short and simple so being as I went to the cinema to watch The BFG that’ll be my first non horror review….

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Cell (2016) Review


I read about a new Stephen King film based on one of his books called Cell, I’d never read or even heard of the book but thought the film sounded pretty good. I’m always up for watching something that might offer a new take on the zombie/virus/mutant crazies genre of films. So here’s my thoughts…….

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Green Room (2015) Review


I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now the concept sounded quite appealing to me and as a Star Trek nerd the idea of Captain Picard as a Nazi was intriguing. I had a few people on Twitter telling me it was a good intense film. Also given the recent tragic death of Anton Yelchin I figured I needed to see it. So I settled down to watch it and then review it for you good folk.

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The Blair Witch Project (1999) Review

Blair Witch Project

When I started this blog I told myself that I would review every horror film I watch from now on and so far I’ve done this. Sometimes this means writing a review of a film I assume nearly every horror fan has seen. So just think of these types of “reviews” as more of a nostalgia trip, a look back to horror films of the past! So here’s my review/look back of The Blair Witch Project.

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