Assassination Classroom(2015) Review


I’d seen the cover to this film a while ago and been very curious about it, with some time off work and not much to do I decided to give it a go. I’d read that it’s from Japanese Manga, I haven’t seen that so I’m not sure how faithful it is to the source material. I do know that the only thing people moaned about on IMDb was some of the kids not having the right coloured hair, guess that’s a good sign?

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The Machine Girl (2008) Review


After watching and loving Tokyo Gore Police this film was then recommended to me by most on social media. Luckily the missus bought me it on DVD for me Birthday, so what better way to celebrate turning 35 than to stuff my face with cheese and potato pie whilst watching some crazy over the top Japanese gore film!

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Suicide Squad (2016) Review


I’ve been looking forward to this a lot since it was announced. DC are playing catch up with Marvel when it comes to building their film universe and they seem to be in a rush to do it. Anyway the trailers made this one seem great although with trailers that good it’s hard not to think that maybe they included all the best bits in them, so here’s my take on the newest comic book film……

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Harrison Smith Death House Interview

Just about every horror fan has been hyped for “Death House” which is set to include some of the biggest names in horror all jammed into one blood soaked film. I noticed that the director of the film and me were following each other on Twitter. So I thought why not be cheeky and ask if I could get a quick interview, what the worst that could happen? All they could do was say no. But Harrison Smith gave an enthusiastic yes and also provided me with some screen shots to put in with the interview.

I’m not a professional when it comes to this so there’s nothing I’d consider ground breaking but I did love the opportunity and am thankful that I got the chance to ask the questions I wanted to.

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