Planet of the Sharks (2016) Review


With the new Sharknado approaching I saw that this was on TV, figured I may as well record it and give it a watch. It’s made by Asylum so I knew what to expect and in that regards it didn’t disappoint. I’ve only done a quick review of this one……


Director: Mark Atkins

Stars: Brandon Auret, Stephanie Beran, Lindsay Sullivan

Budget: 500 hot dogs, $217 and an Apple Mac

The ice caps have melted and the world is covered in water, left behind are a few hundred settlers dotted around in various floating towns. Oh and all the fish have been eaten leaving only sharks swimming around let by a mutated alpha shark their only option is to hunt for food above the water aka humans.

Bad CGI: check, bad acting: check, silly premise: check, token annoying fat bloke: check, token relatively attractive woman with big boobs: check, over the top storyline which results in using the most bad CGI possible: check.


Some scenes in this film are simply awful CGI so awful they were funny to watch and this resulted in a lot of unintentional funnies through the film.

The film revolves around a group of scientists who want to launch a rocket to change the atmosphere and in turn end up reducing the water on earth. Problem is the sharks attack when they’re trading for supplies, ruining a couple of the floating towns. We see the sharks getting knifed to death but that’s not how you kill sharks in this sort of film.

Oh no, the plan is to draw the sharks into one place that place being over an underwater volcano. Once there a laser will trigger a device to blow up the volcano killing all the sharks, shame no one considered the massive tidal wave it’d create.


The Good

  • For some reason I was intrigued to see how it ended.
  • Boat captain Dillon Barrick was a decent character.
  • The story line was so bad it was funny.
  • Good decapitation scene.

The Bad

  • The CGI was horrendous.
  • Maybe it was the character but the woman who played Joanne D’amato leader of one of the towns was truly painful to watch.
  • Should have been some funnier deaths.
  • Only one likable character.
  • Overall acting was really bad.
  • Trying to be too clever with the storyline in places.
  • Got to mention the CGI again it was so poor.

If you like so bad it’s good I’m afraid this doesn’t fall into that category, it’s more a case of so bad it’s funny. Yet saying that I did want to see how it ended and that’s the only reason I’m giving this any points at all.

Overall Rating – 3/10


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