Sharknado the 4th Awakens (2016) Review


Sharks in a tornado? Yes a Sharknado! These films have ended up quite popular due to their over top ridiculousness. They’ve have probably received more attention(good and bad)and become more known than some main stream blockbuster films. I’m firmly in the camp that enjoys these stupid films, so here’s my quick take on this one.


Director: Anthony C. Ferrante

Writer: Thunder Levin

Stars: Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Masiela Lusha

Run Time: 85 minutes

The fourth film carries on the story of the sharknado universe five years after the last attack. Fin Shepard and his kids have grown older and his wife is still alive despite him thinking she was dead and vice versa. Thanks to new technology sharknados are a thing of the past or so they thought.

When Fin and his family are in Las Vegas a sharknado strikes managing to get past the new technology as it’s a sand based one and not water based. Obviously from this the madness ensues. Fin and his family slay shark after shark even a Chippendale crotches one in the face.


The sharknado gets bigger and bigger as it turns into various other sorts of “nado” from sandnado to bouldernado and then on to some even more bonkers ones. As usual it’s up to Fin to stop things with the help of his kick ass family especially the scantily clad Gemini.

Obviously this all leads to one big confrontation and final battle that’s possibly more bonkers than the first two films but not quite as mad as the third one.

The Good

  • The craziness of it all storyline wise.
  • The cameos even keeping the usual wrestler one on there as well.
  • “If” I was a pervert I’d say Gemini’s chest.
  • The non stop action.
  • Amongst the cameos the nod to Lavalantula was fun.
  • It’s got the Hoff in it.
  • This film knows exactly what it is.
  • The ending was great!

The Bad

  • Poor CGI as you’d expect.
  • Not enough creative deaths.
  • I wasn’t a fan of the story line that brought back Tara Reid’s April.
  • Didn’t top the last film.
  • Too many different types of “nados” made the joke run too long.

Overall if you’re a fan of the franchise then you should watch it, now I’d have to watch them again to be absolutely certain but I found this one better than the first two but not as good as the third. They went all out crazy for the third one and it was always going to be tough to top the ridiculousness of that film and unfortunately they failed to do so.

Overall Rating – 6.5/10

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