Suicide Squad (2016) Review


I’ve been looking forward to this a lot since it was announced. DC are playing catch up with Marvel when it comes to building their film universe and they seem to be in a rush to do it. Anyway the trailers made this one seem great although with trailers that good it’s hard not to think that maybe they included all the best bits in them, so here’s my take on the newest comic book film……


Director: David Ayer

Writer: David Ayer

Stars: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie

Budget: $175 million estimated

Run Time: 123 minutes

For those that don’t know Suicide Squad is all about the villains of the DC universe. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) decides that now the age of the metahumans has come along they need a plan to fight off any that aren’t like Superman. So she forms a squad of the baddest people she can find and forces them to fight for her for little in return.

We get a team of Deadshot the expert marksman, Harley Quinn the bonkers and pretty damn tough crazy woman, Killer Croc he’s well a Croc that kills people, Diablo a gang banger who can shoot flames from his hands and a lot more, June Moone who is possessed by an ancient witch called Enchantress, Boomerang a bank robber who’s good with a boomerang, Slipknot who seems to be good at climbing stuff and Kitana who is an expert swordswoman with a magic soul eating sword.


Once assembled Waller put them under the command of Rick Flagg a top army dude. They then send them on dangerous missions to effectively save the world. In this case it’s a typical superhero film where a big bad appears intent on destroying humanity so instead of having a Flash, a Batman or a Superman type hero deal with it they instead rely on a bunch of bad guys.

The Good

  • I thought Will Smith was great as Deadshot only him and Harley Quinn really had any character development.
  • The action and fight scenes as expected were typically good comic film fights.
  • I liked the main villains that Suicide Squad were sent to fight.
  • Effects obviously top notch given the massive massive massive budget.
  • Harley Quinn stole the show as the best character.
  • I really liked the Enchantress character, possibly could have picked a better actress rather than a model for the role.
  • The decision to cut some Joker scenes.
  • Sound track was top notch.


Quick kill it with fire so it can’t appear in any more films!!!

The Bad

  • The Joker was really bad, I was willing to give Leto a chance despite the dodgy appearance but it was a massive fail. In his defence given the new look and the dialogue I’m not sure anyone could have pulled it off. Didn’t feel like we were watching The Joker.
  • Is the storyline bad or is it just typical comic film style fight the big bad?
  • Humour, sure there were some funny bits but I read they added some humour afterwards, if so what the hell was it like before the additions?
  • Killer Croc was even worse than Bane for not being able to understand what he was saying.

This is a film that has it’s faults sure but it’s an enjoyable ride with plenty of good things in it. @Dazza1889 on Twitter put it best when he said “for me it’s like a fast & furious film – I turn my brain off & just want to enjoy what I’m seeing” This sums it up for me, just switch off don’t over think and enjoy the film, if you can you’ll have a good time! And if you don’t at least Margot Robbie has a nice bum.

Overall Rating – 8/10

2 thoughts on “Suicide Squad (2016) Review

  1. I actually just got home from seeing this with my sister, and you’re right, it’s fun if you turn off your brain. I will have to disagree with you on the Joker, because he was barely in it. I didn’t see enough of him to really get an impression of him. Perhaps if he were in it more, I could have a fuller opinion of him. And is it just me, or did they bond as a “family” a little too quick?


    • They did seem to get on a bit quick, I was expecting arguments and even a few small fights as they began to slowly group together.

      Every time Joker was on screen I found it cringe worthy, if he was on more it would have ruined the film for me!

      As we agree a fun enjoyable film just don’t think too hard about it 🙂

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