The Descent (2005) Review


Every few weeks I go into my town centre and have a look around the charity shops, mainly for CD’s and DVD’s especially horror ones. I saw this brand new in the wrapper for £1.50p so thought why not. I’d not seen it since it first came out and couldn’t really remember that much of it, so it was good to refresh my memory……


Director: Neil Marshall

Writer: Neil Marshall

Stars: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Mendoza, Alex Reid

Budget: £3.5 million

Run Time: 99 minutes

This film starts off by showing us we are dealing with a group of women who enjoy taking things to the extreme. Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) and her two friends are white water rafting as her husband and daughter look on. When they finish her husband suspiciously helps her friend Juno (Natalie Mendoza) out of the raft before his own wife, they also share a few dodgy glances.

Tragedy strikes next as a brutal accident leaves Sarah alone, a year later Sarah meets up with five other women to go climbing inside a cave system. However in an attempt to try and be a smart arse Juno takes them to a bunch of unexplored caves. Like that’s ever going to lead to something other than several deaths.


The group before the all the monsters and death

Once inside the cave the film takes on a very claustrophobic feel as the women slide and climb through some very tight gaps. Due to a small cave in they lose some equipment and end up trapped with no way out.

Things go from bad to terrible as the women find out they are not alone in the confines of the cave. There’s some sort of monster in there with them, in fact there’s loads of the pale, blind weird looking goblin like creatures.

Cue the film’s gory deaths as the women mainly Sarah and Juno fight back. There’s a tonne of gore here being spilled on both sides and it makes great viewing.


The gore flows well in this film

The Good

  • The claustrophobic feel once the potholing begins.
  • The gory deaths are superb.
  • Sarah is a decent character and not just a stereotypical horror character.
  • The film does a good job at building the rapport of the group of women.
  • Apart from the tragic accident the films does a really nice job of holding off on the gore as it establishes the story and the trapped feeling.


I also found this poster online from Gary Pullin who’s work on movie posters you can find HERE!

The Bad

  • I wasn’t too keen on the design of the monsters they looked like the Goblins in Lord of the Rings.
  • Although the bonding of the group is well done only Juno and Sarah stand out as decent characters the rest are pretty boring.

Overall this is a very enjoyable film and I’m surprised after Dog Soldiers, this and Doomsday that Neil Marshall hasn’t done even more films. The atmosphere inside the caves and the gory kills make this film really good fun to watch.

Overall Rating – 8/10

8 thoughts on “The Descent (2005) Review

  1. For whatever reason I just didn’t like this movie and I watched it more than once. I can’t even say why I didn’t like it, but I just wished that everyone would DIE so I didn’t have to sit through anymore WHINING about their hurting feet anymore!! LOL 😀


  2. I liked this film a lot when I saw it. I found it scary, and I actually liked the designs of the monsters, as well as the ending.
    I haven’t seen the sequel, but I hear the monsters’ design changed, and it isn’t as good as the first.


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