The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoiler Filled Thoughts


I thought I’d write a quick piece about one of the most anticipated TV episodes of all time, as the title says I’ll talk about what happens in the first episode of season 7 and obviously there will be SPOILERS. So if you’ve not seen it and don’t want it spoiled why the hell did you click the title!

We’ve waited months and months for this, so did it live up to expectations or not?…………..


Negan and Lucille finally arrived in The Walking Dead months and months ago, their arrival saw nearly all the main characters on their knees at the mercy of Negan who was going to smash one of their heads into ity bity pieces. At the end of season six he couldn’t decide which one he was going to kill so played a game of eeny meany miny mo then the episode ended.

I was amongst the people who thought this was a total cop out I didn’t want to wait months to see which main character was going to brutally die but looking back it was the right choice. This led to months of speculation, theories and rumours of who’d met Lucille, it really drove the hype for the show up to fever pitch, so did it live up to it or not?


While some people considered it more drawing and dragging things a long but personally, I loved it. I didn’t expect to find out straight away who he’d killed. We picked things up after the killing and Negan takes Rick off to play more mind games, he keeps telling him to remember what happened.

We see some brief flashbacks then we’re shot back to the moment where he picked his victim. First came Abraham who really did take it like a champ and went out defiantly as you can in front of a bat wielding psychopath. Then Daryl in a moment of complete stupidity decided to punch Negan in the face, this wasn’t going to fly so Negan did what he does best he turned around and punished Daryl by smashing Glenn’s head to a pulp.


This was brilliant, brutal and superbly acted TV, I doubt a villain has been introduced as well as this in any other TV show. He makes The Governor look like a sweet little kitten. Everything really does looked fucked for our characters. This was emotional for them and although Glenn wasn’t personally one of my favourites his death will hit some fans pretty hard.

I consider this the best episode of The Walking Dead ever and it’s right up there as good as just about anything I’ve ever seen on TV. I find myself caught in a strange position watching Negan, I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the way he acts the character is superb but I can’t help wishing he was more physically intimidating, his spindly little legs just look wrong! I wouldn’t change him for anyone else due to his acting ability but I wouldn’t have been unhappy if Kevin Durand had been cast instead.


How do you feel this will affect the survivors? This is the first time Rick has been scared and he should be there seems to be no way out at the moment. Do you think Negan is the last big bad we’ll see before The Walking Dead ends? He’s hard to top. Personally I think to have had the same effect emotionally as the comic death it should have been Daryl that died. However it seems Negan has plans for Daryl which I think will lead to a story arc from the comics with a bit of a twist.

Think we should all spare a thought for Maggie, she’s seen her dad get his head chopped off, in fact her entire family has died and now her “husband” has been smashed to a pulp. How can she possibly go on? I think we’ll see her lose the baby now due to the stress of the situation, if that happens will it be the end of her?

Can you believe some people complained it was too violent?


I almost forgot, I’m so excited to see King Ezekial and Shiva I mean who wouldn’t want to see a bloke with a pet friggin’ tiger. Will Rick seek alliance with the Kingdom, I mean he’ll need all the people he can for the inevitable fight against Negan.

There’s so many questions and this episode has left me begging for more. Let me know what you thought on comments here or on Twitter @ABsHorrorShow

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