REC 4: Apocalypse


I’ve been waiting what seems like ages to watch this film, I got it for Christmas so now was the time to settle down and see how the REC series plays out. I’ve reviewed the others on this site REC ReviewREC 2(2009) Review and REC 3 – Genesis (2012) Review. This is supposed to be the last REC film from what I’ve read although I think there’s still some legs in it yet. Anyway here’s my thoughts on REC 4…….

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Blair Witch (2016) Review


This film seemed to come out of nowhere, I love the original despite it spawning a crap load of terrible found footage films. The sequel to what is arguably the best marketed horror film (if not just film in general) of all time was a huge disappointment as it went away from found footage and ended up being run of the mill boring. I was happy that this was going to return to what made the original so successful and hopefully add a bit more to the mythology of the Blair Witch.

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Silent Night (2012) Review


My quest to watch some Christmas horror continues, I just Googled best Christmas Horrors and this one came up as a modern one that was worth a watch. I found a copy and thought why not? I mean a killer Santa is the staple of all Christmas horror isn’t it? This one has a really good cast and was better than I expected, it’s kind of a remake in that the maker acquired the name Silent Night, Deadly Night but it doesn’t stick the same plot and is only loosely based on it, so here’s my thoughts on Silent Night.

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Santa’s Slay (2005) Review


It’s that time of year again, Christmas and what’s traditional at this time of year? That’s right watching crappy horror movies based around Christmas. Sure there’s a few good ones but it seems a really missed opportunity that there’s not more. Evil Santa’s killing people, demon elves, Rudolf on a rampage there’s loads of options. I decided to start the festive horror season with Bill Goldberg as a murderous Santa because why the hell not?

I’ll be hopefully watching and reviewing plenty of Christmas based horrors over the coming weeks no matter how terrible they are!

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