The Rezort (2015) Review


I’d seen a couple of reviews around for this film and thought it looked like a decent idea, so once again I sat down on a Sunday to watch some zombies and people being killed. I went in with low expectations but had heard some reasonably positive things about it, here’s my thoughts


Director: Steve Barker

Run Time: 93 minutes

The world has been put through a massive zombie plague taking the lives of two billion humans but now the plague has been beaten and all the zombies are gone, apart from one island. Some genius had the idea to profit from the zombie invasion by keeping some on an island and charging people to go there and kill the zombies. It really is quite a brilliant money making idea but we all know these things do not work out for the best.


Enter Melanie (Jessica De Gouw) and Lewis (Martin McCann) he had experience of fighting the zombies during the war and for some reason she’s not over things. To give her some therapy and conquer her fear they decide to head to the expensive Westworldy/Jurassic park type park.

In their group there’s a couple of annoying teenagers who won a computer game competition, the prize? A weekend at the zombie safari. There’s Sadie who claims to be there on her honeymoon but her “husband” has not turned up, however she is very dodgy. Then there’s Archer (Dougray Scott) a total bad ass crack shot tough guy and very early on he knows the score with Sadie.


The group head out to a controlled area to gun down some zombies at distance, it’s here we see how great of a shot Archer is and Lewis isn’t far behind. Melanie however cannot being herself to shoot them and has a tough time seeing that they are really dead and not alive.

Exactly as expected things soon go wrong as the power fails and the zombies start taking out the conveniently placed cannon fodder group as well as attacking the main group. There’s a guide with them who informs them that to stop the zombie plague from coming back the park has initiated a fail safe to fire bomb the whole place.


They now have a few hours to reach a certain point in the park but they must fight their way through hordes of zombies. Not all of them will make it and there’s some really good karma to look forward to at the end. It’s a fun ride without being spectacular, there’s some good kills but for me it’s all a bit too shooty shooty and I much prefer stabby stabby in my zombie films.

The Good

  • The film may not bring anything new to the zombie genre kills or character wise but the overall idea is great, I don’t think I’ve seen a zombie hunting park done in film before. Got to wonder why as it’s a solid concept.
  • Archer is a bad ass, a perfect shot and easily the best character in it.
  • I was pleased to see some of the characters get eaten.
  • The use of faster zombies rather than the slower easy to kill ones was a good decision.
  • I liked the news reports that cover what has happened in the park and why it was built.
  • The very last scene.


The Bad

  • The biggest fault of this film is that no one ever questioned where the endless supply of zombies came from, it’s painstakingly obvious yet no one bothered to look into it before the events of the film.
  • Needs more likable characters.
  • More stabby stabby.
  • The main character Melanie was a bit of a dick for the majority of the film.

As I mentioned this doesn’t add much new but the overall concept is decent and it’s a fun film to watch. There’s a twist that kind of made me laugh but I enjoy a weasel who only looks out for themselves. Sure the characters could have been a lot better but the one they went for as a badass man of action worked out really well. If you’re bored this is well worth a quick watch!

Overall Rating 6/10

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