Inside No 9 Series 3 Review


After enjoying the first two series of this tremendous show it was time to binge watch the newest season, apparently a couple of these series are now on Netflix in the UK for anyone who doesn’t want to buy the DVDs. You can read my reviews of the other two seasons here Inside No 9 Series One and Inside No 9 Series Two.


Episode One – The Devil of Christmas

A man takes his Wife, Mother and Son on holiday to a cabin in Austria in 1977 it’s weird seeing this at first as it looks like it’s been filmed in the 70’s. Then we’re hit with a voice over from the film’s director as he talks through each scene in a story revolving around Krampus. This episode is pure genius as usual there’s a big twist at the end that should make you think WTF!?!?!?!?!?

Episode Rating – 9/10


Episode Two – The Bill

A man is having dinner with someone he met at a business meeting and their friends. After plenty of food and drink the friends start arguing about who should pay the bill, the argument goes on for what seems like forever and just as you’re starting to think this might not be a great episode, BOOM! twist twist twist as usual!

Episode Rating 9/10


Episode Three – The Riddle of the Sphinx

It’s a rainy cold night and a girl posing as a student breaks into a professors room at a posh school but she gets caught. The professor it turns out is an expert in cryptic crosswords and the girl just wants to know how to solve the crosswords and impress her boyfriend. However that’s not all that’s going on here, this one is truly twisted.

Episode Rating – 8/10


Episode Four – Empty Orchestra

Inside a room number 9 of a karaoke bar a group of friends gather to celebrate a colleague’s promotion. The relationships between the group are complicated with affairs, bullying and personal issues. They express their feelings in their choice of song. Whilst this one features some well written scenes incorporating the songs it’s not macabre enough for me.

Episode Rating – 6/10


Episode Five – Diddle Diddle Dumpling

A man finds a shoe outside his house during his morning run, the shoe is in perfect condition and looks of good quality. The man takes the shoe into his house and starts to obsess over the shoe, how did it get there? Why did someone leave it there? Who does it belong to? His obsession worries his wife and after the lengths he’s going to to try and find the owner of the show who can blame her. As for the ending, wow!

Episode Rating – 9.5/10


Episode Six – Private View

Once again the show uses it’s most horror based episode as the series closing episode. Several strangers receive an invite to an art exhibition from a dead artist, they seem to have nothing in common at all. Soon people start to die and it’s revealed that they had a lot more in common than they or us realised. This episode also features the most fantastic cameo I’ve ever seen.

Episode Rating – 8/10

Once again the writers really hit the mark and deliver some more macabre and darkly funny episodes. Shearsmith and Pemberton are such great actors that they play all their roles extremely well, this series also has some really great cameos from a few well known faces of British TV. There’s only one episode that fell below the massively high standards the show has set itself and that may well be down to my preferred tastes of stories of death and twists!

I really cannot recommend this series as a whole enough, I went in thinking “oh maybe this will be okay” but now I’ve seen them all it’s one of the most enjoyable TV shows I’ve ever watched, so go, go now and watch!!!

Series Rating – 8.5/10

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