“Razor Bastard” A Comic Review

Razor Bastard

One of the big advantages of running a horror site is you get offered things to review, indie movies, books and finally my favourite comics. Obviously with the horror element most of these comics fall into the category of blood and guts which we all know is NOT a bad thing. I was offered the chance to read the first issue of “Razor Bastard” by Paul Johnson, you can find him on Twitter @PJDEMONCOMIX


“Razor Bastard” the title says it all and as you’d expect with a title that like you know what you’re gonna get, blood, carnage, more blood, more carnage and probably some nakedness. As soon as you start reading you know it’s not going to disappoint the story is a simple one, Razor Bastard is a psychotic killer out on the rampage.


The book is the night in the lives of two brutal sadistic killers as they make their way towards a twisted and blood soaked battle with each other! With a bit of over the top Japanese gangster story mixed in.


He’s approached by someone who he owes a debt to but he doesn’t take kindly to it, after some blood soaked panels he’s approach to help a Japanese gangster boss, a simple offer: take out my enemies before they can band together and take me out and your debt is gone. Razor Bastard takes up the offer and off he goes weapons ready to maim and kill.


However there’s another reason Mr Bastard finds himself in Japan, he follows death or does death follow him? Either way there’s a killer on the loose slicing up girls all over the place. Problem is Bastard feels there’s only room for one killer on the loose and it’s him.


This is a story with the heart of an 80’s video nasty combined with the art work of a fucked up 90’s cartoon and I loved every panel. The writing really got me to like Razor Bastard despite him being a lunatic killer, there’s a great basis for a long term tale here with the hints of history Razor Bastard has with a Superhero and with the conscience type character that seems to pop up in his head at times throughout.


I can’t wait to read and write up more, I’ve got the second issue to review so I’ll see you this time next week with more from the twisted imagination of Paul Johnson as he brings us more blood, guts and nudity from Razor Bastard!

Overall Rating – 9/10

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