Bad Pennies – A Book Review


I don’t get the chance to review many books, I get offered quite a few but with me already having several+ books on my current to read list it’s hard to make time. It may sound old fashioned in some ways but I’m also not keen on reading a novel on an iPad or Kindle, I like to have a real physical copy to read. I was quite pleased when John F Leonard messaged me and asked if I’d like a signed copy of his book to read. I was just finishing my current read so thought why not……….


Bad pennies……….They always come back

Dark Forces Swim Below The Surface Of The World…….

They Change Their Shape But Never Go Away………

They Find A Way Through……….

Chris Carlisle experiences an everyday horror. A morning starts out bad and gets infinitely worse. It’s gonna go to hell. Wrong place, wrong time and life takes a wrong turn. Even the blackest clouds have silver linings. There’s a little slice of luck to balance out the horror.

Chris Carlisle is the main character in this mind bending supernatural horror story. He’s as characters should be when reading a story like this he’s likeable and relatable. Like many people Chris is stuck in the mud so to speak, his job is long hours and it sucks combined with low pay it’s clearly taking it’s toll on his life. He lives in a crappy flat in an even crappier area, he doesn’t really speak to his parents and there’s only one light in his otherwise crappy life. Becca his girlfriend, who sounds far too good for him, she’s the only thing that seem to make things bearable for him.

Rushing to work one day Chris witnesses an accident as a man is ran over, he drops something on the floor and Chris for some reason takes it instead of handing it into the police. The item he has changes him for the worse but if used correctly could spell happiness for him and the beautiful Becca.

The problem is taking this item means Chris has unknowingly entered into a deal with something that lurks out of people’s comprehension, a powerful being searching for victims. Chris starts to see some strange things, so strange he starts to question his own mental stability, is he mad? Or are these things real?

Chris does some digging to try and find out what the hell is going on with his life, this leads to some unwanted answers and some even more unwanted things happening to him and the people around him. All leading to Chris being involved in something much more dangerous than he could ever imagine.

What I loved about this book are the side characters especially one called Ronald Hodge, he’s not in the book a great deal but when he pops up he’s so brilliantly written. Easily one of the best “villains” I’ve read about in a long long time, he’s creepy as hell and twisted beyond belief. I’d love to see him pop up in another story at some point in the future, I feel there’s a lot to this character that we don’t know.

Combine the side characters with the authors ability to sink us deep into the thoughts of each character and all the supernatural events and you’ve got a cracking read. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone it was superb from start the finish. For me there’s a handful of things I always love in a book, a main characters who’s life or motive I can relate to, Chris gives me both. The side characters I mentioned are very important, there’s more than Ronald Hodge but I’ll let you find the rest for yourself.

As well as those two things I like to not know where a story is going and this one fulfils that as well. The pacing was good and the detail behind the thoughts really allows you to understand and like the characters in the book. Go and get a copy of this you won’t regret it!

Overall Rating 9/10

You can follow the author John F Leonard on Twitter @john_f_leonard

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