Better Watch Out (2016) Review


It’s that time of year again, the Christmas moviefests begin and I’m always trying to find some Christmas horror to watch but decent Xmas themed horror is hard to find. My missus was looking at the local cinema listings and for some reason they were showing this despite it being a year old. Normally we’d hop in the car and head to go watch, however if you live in England you’ll be aware that our whole infrastructure fails massively when it snows. So after looking out the window and seeing far too much snow to deal with we settled down to watch our first Christmas movie of the year from the comfort of the sofa.

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Gerald’s Game (2017) Review


I’ve been away from reviewing for a couple of months now for various reasons all of which are too boring to go into! Anyway I’m back now and hopefully I’ll be posting up a few reviews over the coming weeks, so if you want something to watch over Christmas then you’re in the right place to at least get an idea.

Recently Netflix has started to excel with their TV shows, bringing to life some great Marvel characters, giving us the utterly wonderful Stranger Things and quite a few more. There’s also the odd film that pops up on there but I’ve never really watched many of them, however with this being a Stephen King book and having an interesting premise it was worth a punt.

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