Second Year Anniversary Awards

It’s been just over two years since starting this blog up, I’ve had thousands of views and have hit nearly 11k followers on Twitter. Due to a few distractions over the last few months in the form of various video games and the missus working new hours, I’ve slacked in the amount of content that I’ve been posting. Now we’re settling into her new routine and I’ve finished a few games that were bothering me, it’s time to move a head full steam and get out at least two reviews a week.

So after two years it’s time for me to make a series of awards based only on the films I’ve reviewed since the last awards post I made. It’ll be mostly the usual stuff actor, actress, film etc. for those that aren’t down on how things work, if you click the bold title of any of the films that have won you’ll be taken to my review of that film! I hope you enjoy!

 Best Film


This was always going to be close but it’s An American Werewolf In London 

This film still holds up today, it’s special effects are amazing especially the transformation. It had been a while since I had seen it as in well over a decade, I was not let down by it at all if anything it was more enjoyable than the first time I watched.

Honorable mentions – A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser

Best Modern Film(anything from last 5 years)


I figure with there being so many films I watch and review that are ages old, why not have an award for the best more modern horrors. With that the winner has to be Train To Busan (2016)

This film arrived with loads of hype, I remember being so excited to see it. When I finally did I was glued to the screen, it really showed there’s still life in the zombie genre yet and even more impressively it wasn’t just loaded with blood and guts. It’s a true masterpiece that will still be enjoyed decades after it was made.

Honorable Mentions – Annabelle Creation (2017) and Get Out (2017)

Best Director

get out

There’s a lot of classics that could have got this but I’ve gone for Jordan Peele for Get Out (2017)

This was his first time as director and he absolutely crushed it, I mean this film is great from start to finish, perfectly paced and a great concept that Peele really brought to life in a special way.

Best Actor 


This was a very tough call but James McAvoy gets it for his mesmerising performance in Split (2016)

This was a tough one, I loved the IT remake and thought Skarsgard killed it as Pennywise add in Kaluuya from Get out and either could have been the best in my eyes. However James McAvoy is one of the very best actors in the world in my opinion, watching him switch between personalities in Split was immense viewing.

Honorable Mentions – Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT (2017) and Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out (2017)

Also check out Nic Cage in Mom & Dad (2017)

Best Actress


The one performance that stood out for me in the films I’ve watched was Carlo Gugino Gerald’s Game (2017)

I love a film with one setting and I enjoyed Gerald’s Game, although the ending wasn’t great. Gugino was extremely convincing and spent the majority of the film alone, I love it when an actor can pull off a movie set in one place and she nailed this.

Honourable Mentions – Katherine Waterston in Alien Covenant (2017) and Wynona Ryder in Beetlejuice

Best Slasher Film


Only one winner here it’s got to be A Nightmare on Elm Street

In horror there are in my opinion four characters who’d be on the horror Mount Rushmore, there’s Jason, Pinhead, Michael Myers and Freddy. These films were scary when I watched them in my preteens. Although as you grow up you see Freddy as less of a threat and eventually find him more amusing than scary this film is still brilliant.

Best Ghost/Haunting Film


There’s a few that could steal this one but I’m going to have to give it to Annabelle Creation (2017)

I’m not scared by films any more, I find most horror fans aren’t. However this is still the creepiest film I’ve seen in a long time, small movements, jump scares, creatures it has everything and is arguably the best film in the Conjuring series.

Best Monster Film


I guess it depends on your definition of monster but my pick is Near Dark

For some reason this film had passed me by and this was the first time I’d watched it. The vampires in this one really aren’t your usual lot, they won’t hang around outside Buffy’s bedroom and try to seduce her. They really are monsters, it’s a unique take on vampire films and hasn’t been matched since.

Best Horror Comedy Film


One stands out above the rest and it’s Happy Death Day (2017)

I never thought I’d award an PG-13 horror but this film is just wonderful from start to finish. I’m a big fan of the groundhog day style storyline, when it’s done right it is great and although it’s not an out and out comedy this film has a great balance with it’s humour.

The Gore Award


Still as gory as the day I first watched it The Fly

There’s loads of gunge, guts, blood and puke in this film. It’s great to watch and the film is so good you watch for more than just the gore.

Best Bad Guy


There’s several who could win this but it’s Pinhead from Hellraiser that wins it.

He has the scariest aura about him, his voice and look are creepy and unique. Limited screen time really make his scenes stand out more.

Scream Queen


It was really hard to pick a winner out of Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Kirsty from Hellraiser but I’ve gone with Ashley Laurence as Kirsty in the closest of close calls. I love everything about this film and it needed a good female lead to make it all work.

Hero Award


It’s got to be Daniel Kaluuya as Chris in Get Out (2017). 

So perfectly acted as he fights for his life in this totally unique film, helped by his mate in the form of comedic relief. I loved his performance and he’s definitely the best hero from these horror films.

Kick Ass Bitch


We’ve awarded our Scream Queen but now it’s time to award a woman that faces danger head on, now some people don’t enjoy these films but there’s no denying that Milla Jovovich as Alice kicks some serious ass in the Resident Evil series.

Best Kill


I could have gone for kills from any of the classic films I’ve reviewed but it’s the newer Better Watch Out (2016) that takes the award for this. The killer decided to recreate what would really happen if someone swung the paint tins like they did in Home Alone.

That’s it for the Second Year Anniversary Awards, now things are settled I’ll start to produce the volume of review I used to. So here hoping that I’ll get to do a third anniversary awards as well!

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