Hacked (2016) aka The Den (2013) Review


I was looking to see if Netflix, Amazon or Sky had the film Creed on them but none of them did, I’d not used Amazon prime for a while so thought why not have a scroll through the horror section. There were quite a few films on there I’d not seen, I was hoping to find something short when I stumbled on Hacked. The premise was quite good at least to me, so I sat back and decided to give it a watch.

So it’s worth noting that although this film is listed as Hacked from 2016 on Amazon it is on IMDB as The Den from 2013 with it’s official trailer on YouTube being 2014.

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Halloween (2018) Review


So I’ve been away on my honeymoon and whilst over there in America we had a few hours to spare, so we thought why not go catch a movie? I must say the American audience in a cinema tends to react a lot more than us British do, sure we laugh when things are funny but that’s about it. Our American cousins seem to react to gory kills and stuff and are generally more engaged in the film. The film we watched was Halloween and here’s my thoughts……’

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