Train To Busan (2016) Review


So now I’m halfway through the Resident Evil series reviews I thought I’d give people a break and drop a review in of something else. Having finally got round to watching the much hyped Train To Busan I thought that it seemed as good of a film to review as any. “How great this movie has been” has been all over my Twitter timeline for months now, problem is sometimes the hype is wrong, so did I think this was overhyped or does it live up to it’s lofty billing!

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The Machine Girl (2008) Review


After watching and loving Tokyo Gore Police this film was then recommended to me by most on social media. Luckily the missus bought me it on DVD for me Birthday, so what better way to celebrate turning 35 than to stuff my face with cheese and potato pie whilst watching some crazy over the top Japanese gore film!

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Ju-On The Grudge Review

After starting this blog I decided to try and get some foreign films watched, although I haven’t reviewed them I absolutely loved Switchblade Romance and High Lane (also known as High Tension and Vertige) After seeing lots of tweets about Asian horrors I decided to start with Ju-On The Grudge, I’ve never seen the American remake so can watch it without having that influencing me at all.

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