Eat Locals (2017) Review


After watching Double Date the other week I fancied some more British horror comedy and luckily for me right next to it on Sky cinema was this one. The cast looked pretty decent, it even has Daredevil in it! The premise of some sort of vampire film was enough for me to give it a go. A Sunday afternoon spent watching British comedy horror is bordering perfection!

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Attack the Block (2011) Review


I’d seen this before but a few days after watching the new Star Wars film I realised that Finn played by John Boyega played the main character in this film. I’d loved this movie first time round, (which me & Mrs AcidburnsHorrorShow watched in an a cinema with no one else there) so thought why not give it a watch and review it for the site. In some ways it flies under the radar a lot I never see it mentioned despite it being a damn fine film.

“If you’re into comedy horror/gore then this is a must watch film that I highly recommend you check out!”

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