Veronica (2017) Review


Even if you’re not into horror movies and don’t really keep an eye on what’s new and happening in the horror film world, you may well have seen something about Veronica anyway. It’s taken the internet by storm since arriving on Netflix, it was released in Spain in August last year but since dropping on Netflix it’s been dubbed The Scariest Movie Of All Time. Before viewing I would be very cautious in falling for something that’s been hyped this much but I do always want to see just how scary things dubbed as scary really are.

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My Life in Horror 1985 – Demons


So for people who don’t know I’ve been putting out two Twitter polls containing four films from every year since I was born, the two winners would be watched and reviewed on here. The first 1985 winner was Fright Night a true classic, the second was Demons a film I’m not familiar with at all and I didn’t quite know what to expect apart from some gore.

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