Veronica (2017) Review


Even if you’re not into horror movies and don’t really keep an eye on what’s new and happening in the horror film world, you may well have seen something about Veronica anyway. It’s taken the internet by storm since arriving on Netflix, it was released in Spain in August last year but since dropping on Netflix it’s been dubbed The Scariest Movie Of All Time. Before viewing I would be very cautious in falling for something that’s been hyped this much but I do always want to see just how scary things dubbed as scary really are.

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REC Review


Another found footage film! I’d never seen this film until a few days a go despite hearing a lot about it and watching Quarantine which is the Americanized version of it. For some reason I’d just never fancied it, maybe for the silly reason that I did not like the American remake. When out shopping me and Mrs Acidburn noticed the REC trilogy on sale and thought sod it lets give it a go, it promptly sat on my horror DVD shelf for 6 months or more until we decided to give it a watch.

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