The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2014) Review


I was looking for something to watch and after listening to a couple of reviews on I decided to give this film a watch. I’ve always been partial to a found footage style film add in some demon possession along with Bleeding Critic’s review praising the film and I was looking forward to this.

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Blair Witch (2016) Review


This film seemed to come out of nowhere, I love the original despite it spawning a crap load of terrible found footage films. The sequel to what is arguably the best marketed horror film (if not just film in general) of all time was a huge disappointment as it went away from found footage and ended up being run of the mill boring. I was happy that this was going to return to what made the original so successful and hopefully add a bit more to the mythology of the Blair Witch.

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The Blair Witch Project (1999) Review

Blair Witch Project

When I started this blog I told myself that I would review every horror film I watch from now on and so far I’ve done this. Sometimes this means writing a review of a film I assume nearly every horror fan has seen. So just think of these types of “reviews” as more of a nostalgia trip, a look back to horror films of the past! So here’s my review/look back of The Blair Witch Project.

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REC Review


Another found footage film! I’d never seen this film until a few days a go despite hearing a lot about it and watching Quarantine which is the Americanized version of it. For some reason I’d just never fancied it, maybe for the silly reason that I did not like the American remake. When out shopping me and Mrs Acidburn noticed the REC trilogy on sale and thought sod it lets give it a go, it promptly sat on my horror DVD shelf for 6 months or more until we decided to give it a watch.

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