My Life In Horror 1988 – Beetlejuice


Once again the good people of Twitter voted to pick the films from 1988 that I should watch and review. The winners were Beetlejuice and Pumpkinhead both pretty different but both reasonably good if I remember rightly about Pumpkinhead anyway. I’ll try not to be bias when doing this review/look back but I should inform you that I am wearing a Beetlejuice t-shirt as I write this up.

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My Life In Horror 1986 – The Fly


Along with Little Shop of Horror (read review by clicking HERE!) The Fly was voted with it as the second film from 1986 that I should watch and review. I’ve always loved The Fly movie, I’ve watched it loads of times from when I was a kid wanting to see all the gore to closer to the present day where I saw it as more than just a film with some gory scenes. I guess the question as with all movies from the 80’s is, do they stand the test of time?

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The Exorcist TV Series


A few days before it’s UK air date I was lucky enough to be given the chance to watch the first two episodes of the new Exorcist series which has aired around four episodes in America already. Like a lot of people remakes or retelling of famous horror films will always raise skepticism, so the question is how does this come across? With Outcast having recently finished it’s first season is there room for more possession based TV shows? Here’s my take on the first couple of episodes……..

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