Annabelle Creation (2017) Review


I missed this one at the cinemas because as usual any places local to me had it showing at silly times during the week, sometimes it’s as if they want horror movies to fail in the cinemas. I always like a creepy demon doll story and this one answered the question I wanted to know after watching Annabelle, where did this bloody doll come from?

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Monster Movie Month


After a night of drinking I sat down today and thought what could I watch as I went about a lazy Sunday. Decided on the classic Jaws because this is obviously a superb film and it got me thinking about how much I enjoy a monster movie. So I’m dedicating this month to watching and reviewing some classic and some not so great monster movies.

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The Blair Witch Project (1999) Review

Blair Witch Project

When I started this blog I told myself that I would review every horror film I watch from now on and so far I’ve done this. Sometimes this means writing a review of a film I assume nearly every horror fan has seen. So just think of these types of “reviews” as more of a nostalgia trip, a look back to horror films of the past! So here’s my review/look back of The Blair Witch Project.

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