The Rats By James Herbert Review


I must admit I’ve not read that many horror books, I mostly stick to fantasy and autobiography books. I’d heard of James Herbert and I’d also heard that The Rats was a pretty damn good read. There’s a second hand shop in the town I live in which is made up of small units and people chuck their stuff into the unit and you can pick up and buy anything at the main till. A few days ago I saw loads of James Herbert books there I decided to buy them, for the three Rats books it was £2.50p well worth a buy.

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Sker House Book Review

I mentioned in my last review how lucky I am to get the chance to review some indie films, feature films and short films for free. I’ve also had some offers to review books, now I’m a slow reader so it takes me a while but here’s my first ever book review. Once again go easy on me, I’m sure they’ll improve the more I do! This one is Sker House by C.M. Saunders who you can find on Twitter @CMSaunders01

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