My Life in Horror 1985 – Fright Night


The films voted for on my Twitter polls just keep coming and now it’s on to 1985, the winners here were Fright Night and Demons. I’d seen Fright Night so long ago that I didn’t remember anything about it at all, in fact I’d seen the remake much more recently and I enjoyed it. But now it was time to settle down and watch the original movie.

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House II – The Second Story (1987) Review


Cool French poster

As promised after watching and reviewing the first House film here’s my review of the second one. I wasn’t sure if I’d watched this one when I was younger and after watching it I’m pretty sure I didn’t even though I had seen the first and the third, very odd! Well on Saturday I’ll post a review of the third film which seems to be tied with the first for the most liked of the House films based on Twitter interaction. For now though here’s my thoughts on the second House…….

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