Inside No 9 Series 3 Review


After enjoying the first two series of this tremendous show it was time to binge watch the newest season, apparently a couple of these series are now on Netflix in the UK for anyone who doesn’t want to buy the DVDs. You can read my reviews of the other two seasons here Inside No 9 Series One and Inside No 9 Series Two.

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Sker House Book Review

I mentioned in my last review how lucky I am to get the chance to review some indie films, feature films and short films for free. I’ve also had some offers to review books, now I’m a slow reader so it takes me a while but here’s my first ever book review. Once again go easy on me, I’m sure they’ll improve the more I do! This one is Sker House by C.M. Saunders who you can find on Twitter @CMSaunders01

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