The Descent (2005) Review


Every few weeks I go into my town centre and have a look around the charity shops, mainly for CD’s and DVD’s especially horror ones. I saw this brand new in the wrapper for £1.50p so thought why not. I’d not seen it since it first came out and couldn’t really remember that much of it, so it was good to refresh my memory……

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Dog Soldiers (2002) Review


I’ve wanted to re-watch this film for a while but always end up choosing another one instead, but after including this in a Twitter vote against Z Nation Season One, Feast One and Two and Walking Dead Volume 1 it came out on top. So on a nice reasonably sunny Saturday afternoon I stayed inside to watch werewolves killing people.

“One death stands out as being how you’d want to go out if you were about to be eaten by a werewolf, I’d rank it was one of my favourite death scenes of all time.”

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