Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Review


So we got a bit of a break from the Resident Evil reviews when I posted my review of Train To Busan (2016) but now it’s time to see what I thought of the fourth Resident Evil film. If you want to check the others I reviewed them Here for the first oneHere for the second one and Here for the third one.

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Resident Evil Apocalypse (2004) Review


Time to review the second installment of the Resident Evil franchise, not much else to say really. I’ll be hopefully posting a review everyday as I work my way through the films. Most films with this many sequels tend to get worse and worse as they progress, so this is a good chance to see if I feel the Resident Evil films get the same way or not.

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Resident Evil (2002) Review


With what is supposedly the final chapter in the series of Resident Evil films being released, I thought I’d take a look at them all in preparation for watching the last one. It’s safe to say that despite there being a load of computer games with decent stories the film world has struggled to adapt any into great films. I was a fan of the Resident Evil games and I think this version of the story is one of the best computer game films we’ve seen, however to be fair there’s not really any competition.

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