My Life In Horror 1981 part 1 – An American Werewolf In London


I couldn’t decide what to watch and review next so I ended up asking the good folk on Twitter to vote. I then thought why not do my life in horror movies, I’d tweet two polls on Twitter each containing four films from 1981. They’d either be classics, ones I’d not watched in a while or ones I’d never seen. I tried to do the more famous ones in one poll and some other choices in the second poll. So here’s my thought’s on An American Werewolf In London……….

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Dog Soldiers (2002) Review


I’ve wanted to re-watch this film for a while but always end up choosing another one instead, but after including this in a Twitter vote against Z Nation Season One, Feast One and Two and Walking Dead Volume 1 it came out on top. So on a nice reasonably sunny Saturday afternoon I stayed inside to watch werewolves killing people.

“One death stands out as being how you’d want to go out if you were about to be eaten by a werewolf, I’d rank it was one of my favourite death scenes of all time.”

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