House IV (1992) Review


It was time to finish off my House marathon and get the last film watched, so I settled down on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the sofa and got it watched. I was surprised to see a returning character from the first film and it made the fact that the 3rd was considered a House film even weirder. Never mind though here’s what I thought of the last House movie…………

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House (1986) Review


I’ve been wanting to watch the House franchise of films for quite a while now and finally this Christmas I got the box set of 1-4 on DVD. I had vague memories of these films but wasn’t sure which ones I could remember, turns out I didn’t remember a thing about the first two but the third one I kind of knew what was going to happen. I figure I might as well take the time to review all four of the films, as it turns out the first three really aren’t related to each other in any way at all. They’re not even set in the same house or anything, anyway here’s my review of the first House movie!

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