My Life In Horror 1981 part 2 – The Beyond


If you read part 1 which you can do by clicking HERE! You’ll know that through a series of Twitter polls my aim is to watch or rewatch two films from every year I’ve been on the planet and then review them. So 1981 started with An American Werewolf in London and picked second is Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Review


So we got a bit of a break from the Resident Evil reviews when I posted my review of Train To Busan (2016) but now it’s time to see what I thought of the fourth Resident Evil film. If you want to check the others I reviewed them Here for the first oneHere for the second one and Here for the third one.

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REC Review


Another found footage film! I’d never seen this film until a few days a go despite hearing a lot about it and watching Quarantine which is the Americanized version of it. For some reason I’d just never fancied it, maybe for the silly reason that I did not like the American remake. When out shopping me and Mrs Acidburn noticed the REC trilogy on sale and thought sod it lets give it a go, it promptly sat on my horror DVD shelf for 6 months or more until we decided to give it a watch.

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